Bill Cosby Rape Accuser Probes Political Donations to Former DA Who Declined to Charge Him

Lawful counsel of the entertainer who calls cools First Amendment rights and prevent collaboration in the political method.

Brian McMonagle, one of the lawyers of Bill Cosby, is wanting to exhaust stopped attempts by Andrea constand political blessings from specialists entertainer war.

Constand said she was ambushed by Cosby in 2004, and the charge is the focal point of a typical suit after Bruce Castor, a past head prosecutor in Montgomery County, Pa., Refusing to criminal arraignment. Constand guarantee has ensuing to been settled, however surrendered offering prescriptions to women was revealed for the circumstance after the declaration of new Cosby Montgomery DA picked not to charge Cosby. As constand, Castor when she sued him for professedly censured her in remarks to the every day paper and on web based systems administration. “Cosby loss told police that completely extraordinary [story] he told the court in this case,” Castor created.

Constand has served summons on McMonagle and requires all correspondence amidst him and Castor associated with Cosby, furthermore “all records relating to fight blessings from you, your association or William H. Cosby Jr. then again a man in his/her name to the fight in which Bruce castor since 2005 until today. ”

In a declaration, McMonagle yielded giving Castor failed fight to recuperate his position as DA Montgomery County. “Around the begin of 2015, in my capacity as a private individual, and my idea of ​​Mr. Cosby, I have $ 2500 to campaign for Mr Castor prosecutor as a part of a fundraiser that I, close by a couple of other close-by attorneys masterminding,” he said.

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