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The Difference of Trademark Law and Copyright Law When an original piece of work has been finished, the first thing the creator could think about is protecting his intellectual property. The output can by anything. There are many possible outputs that can belong in different parts such as arts, manufacturing, sports, information technology, or science. The new original product should be proved that it was from the creator’s ideas and property. Rights from the intellectual property law will be provided to the creator once he has proven that it is his original work. Copyright and trademark protection are two example branches of the intellectual property law. The issue of the difference of a copyright and a trademarks affects mostly the business-related people, artists, authors, and musicians. The legal documents are the rightful answer for this clash. Any commercial business can use permanently a trademark that can be a form of design, word, number, or a combination of these. Meanwhile, a copyright protects the originality of a published work such as paintings, discs, and books. The misunderstanding of this issue appears when one’s rights and laws are being conflicted by the other. The comparison of these two issues is explained below. A copyright can be claimed right after the production and finalization of an authentic work. No registration is required within the U.S Copyright Office and also copyright notification is not needed. Once a copyright has already attached to a published work, there will be an automatic six legal rights for the author to use compared. The manufacturer of the product or services with a more worthy trademark is more prominent to the consumer association. It means that the more original the trademark is, the more protection it can acquire. The special rights given by the law to a copyright are the ones that will describe it worth and originality.
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The only protected part of the copyright is just the illustration and not the complete whole thought. Titles, names phrases, and slogans cannot acquire the protection of a copyright. These items not accepted by a copyright can be accepted in a trademark. The United States’ law on trademark protection is timeless since it just needs to be active in its industry. A copyright compared to a trademark has fixed duration. It is based on the life time of its producer plus 70 years.
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Any work can be awarded with the right protection with no misunderstandings when the owner is responsible and has the knowledge on the laws of a copyright and a trademark.

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